subota, 21. svibnja 2016.

my closet rn

my closet rn

Retrò corset top
230 HRK -

Crop top
165 HRK -

White shirt
135 HRK -

T shirt
87 HRK -

Zip hoodie
22 HRK -

New Look denim jeans
225 HRK -

Skinny jeans
9,69 HRK -

Dr. Martens black ankle boots
835 HRK -

Burberry eyeliner
200 HRK -

petak, 30. kolovoza 2013.

Okay.. I don't know how to make this blog work... So I'll need your help.. my blog is seen 137 times since it was made.. When I got to 200, I'll tell you my life story. I'm only 15, but I've been in a lot of places, and i saw many things.. Belive me, my life is diferent... I searched about angels, and i found of many interesting things.. OK, talk to you guys later... Bye for now! <3

It's time for school! :)